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Updated: May 30, 2010 by mgray
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Release Notes

This will be the first release that is considered to have almost all of the functionality implemented. This will go through a rather long testing phase to ensure that bugs are handled prior to the "production" release of the library. We expect users to report any bugs that they find to us as soon as they find them, with steps to reproduce the issues as well as include a system diagnostics report.

This release is planned to have the following:
  • Implicit conversions
  • Explicit conversions
  • All core arithmetic operations with various data types
  • All common bitwise operations with various data types
  • Advanced arithmetic operations (modular exponentiation)
  • Prime number generation and testing
  • Secure random number generation
  • A wide range of unit tests
  • A fully documented API with code examples
  • Example projects of usage to solve common problems and cryptography related problems

If you notice anything that you want added, let us know! Simply make a ticket in the issue tracker and tell us what you want.